Serving others
+ changing lives

People are at the heart of any business, and that’s especially true in our line of work. Our ambition is to unleash human potential by striving to match executives with the organizations where they will thrive and positively impact the world. We are grateful that, in many ways, our work already offers us an exceptional opportunity to serve others and change lives.

Acertitude’s approach to corporate social responsibility is designed to extend our mission to promote social well-being on a global level. Believing that the greatest waste of all is wasted human potential, we make a conscious effort to invest our time, energy, and financial support behind initiatives that help create a world where all people have the opportunity to thrive at work.

As a young company, our philanthropic efforts focus on supporting the unemployed or underemployed. We are also exploring ways that we can apply our professional expertise to address social issues surrounding executive employment.

By sponsoring research and engaging deeply in vocation-based community events, we believe that we can help illuminate new ideas and solutions to issues like achieving greater workplace diversity, closing gaps in pay equality, and addressing talent shortages as Baby Boomers age out of the workforce.

Finally, we take great care to engage and sustain our internal community by investing in a culture that supports and honors our people, their desire for fulfilling work, and their quest toward the human ideal of reaching their full potential.