David Kramer

Data Quality Specialist

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

— Nuke LaLoosh in baseball movie "Bull Durham"


David is great at finding and cleaning data and is a superfast typist (which makes him peerless at data entry). For a company where data is a vital asset—equaling more valuable insights and saved time for our clients—David’s skills are highly valued. He makes our team’s workdays so, so much easier and productive by quickly identifying information in our database. Plus, his energetic and easygoing spirit make him a pure joy to work with. When he’s off-duty from his role as our in-house search engine, he volunteers in a similar capacity at the public library. Here, David helps people access information and cultivates and shares in their zest for lifelong learning.

As data quality specialist, David collects, organizes, and manages up-to-date, reliable, and relevant information in the firm’s proprietary database. He proactively builds out the firm’s vetted network of executives and jump-starts searches with powerful information, driving productivity and setting the stage for more insightful talent decisions.

David brings two years’ experience with data coding and analysis from his prior role as data researcher for biotech company Infinata. He also has experience as a research assistant at Northeastern University and the University of Maryland in addition to leading psychology research work in professors’ labs.

When he is not logging hours in our database, David is usually reading, obsessively checking Twitter, or hanging out with friends and family, including his dog, Rozwell, and cat, Nymeria. He admits he could not live without his library card, the podcast app on his phone, or Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees. We agree that in the high-speed world of executive search, a little extra caffeine is very welcome.


University of Maryland, B.A., Psychology and Criminology