Dawn Klein


Imagination is more important than knowledge.

— Albert Einstein

The Brazen Alpinist

When Dawn’s not working, you’ll probably find her in her favorite place in the world – outdoors. She is the happiest throwing on a pair of hiking shoes and exploring a new trail or swimming in open water. A former sport-climber, she’s since taken up mountain biking and has fallen in love with the sense of adventure and freedom it provides. It’s the full-face helmet-type of riding, gliding along the spontaneous jumps across branches and stones that invigorate her. Dawn also describes herself as passionate about astrophysics (she secretly wishes she’d majored in science), an intense introvert, and an optimist – someone who finds humor in everything. 

As a curious and driven research analyst at Acertitude, Dawn gathers and analyzes market intelligence to inform search strategies, scope candidate specifications, and locate talented senior leaders. Dawn’s desire to help change industries and change those who lead them drives her to find the next hidden gem of a candidate and place them in just the right role so they can thrive, grow, and flourish professionally — and add immense value to the organizations they serve.

Dawn’s nearly two-decade-long career path as a research analyst and research associate spans work with global search firms like Spencer Stuart and Korn Ferry and expertise across diverse sectors like industrial, financial services, and healthcare. She also brings knowledge in proprietary database research and data quality, having supported teams with business development, candidate identification, and knowledge management activities. Dawn has a Bachelor’s degree in Social/Political Science from Michigan State University.

Dawn currently resides in Wyoming with her husband – an avid fly fisher – and her teenage daughter, a driven gymnast. Although the three of them have different interests, Dawn says their collective passion for nature shines bright. Another common interest includes volunteering to help maintain their local Wyoming park – pulling out invasive weeds, rebuilding trails, and repairing fences. Work like this makes you feel more centered, she says – like you’re a true part of the place you live in.


Michigan State University, B.A., Political Science