Elijah Bentley


“Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.” 

— Unknown

The Explorer

Having lived across the US and overseas — from Michigan and Colorado to Germany and England — Elijah has a thirst for exploring the world and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. To give you a glimpse, competitively snowboarding the technical terrain of Breckenridge count among his adventurous hobbies. Elijah’s action-oriented nature also shines through in his work with us. On our team, he is someone who tackles challenges with great communication, great agility, and a great attitude.

Elijah provides business intelligence for engagements in the firm’s consumer, industrial, and private equity practices. Supporting several project teams, he takes a collaborative and proactive approach to delivering insights that help our teams and clients make better decisions. His desire to make a difference in people’s lives underpins his success in matching businesses with new leaders who can unleash their potential.

He brings a global mindset to Acertitude, with experience supporting human resources leaders of global multibillion-dollar manufacturers and private equity backed portfolio companies. In these roles, he learned the foundations of talent acquisition, streamlined hiring processes, and worked with HR teams on recruiting projects.

Elijah currently resides in California. In his free time, he enjoys exploring new areas and making friends along the way — but tells us his dog Milton usually beats him to the punch befriending others. Most weekends he participates in high-impact, athletic activities but can also be found honing his critical thinking with a challenging puzzle or two.


University of Colorado Boulder, B.A., Business Management