Eric Nguyen

Chief of Staff

The things you learn well compound over time.

— Sam Hinkie, Former GM, NBA's Philadelphia 76ers


A student of systems thinking and feedback loops in nature and business, Eric has a genuine ability to analyze, master, and methodically improve anything he gets into. And let us tell you something: he gets in 100%. Like games of skill, for instance. Eric loves to win and has been highly ranked in fantasy baseball, football, and soccer, plays in live poker tournaments, and was once a Top 50 online Tetris player. His sizeable collection of modern, European board games also speaks to his fun and competitive nature. 

As chief of staff, Eric Nguyen serves as the right-hand to managing partner, Kevin O’Neill — driving search execution and process excellence for the global Consumer, Industrial, and Private Equity Practices. He is instrumental in fostering an effective team dynamic that leads to high performance and the successful completion of C-level recruiting projects.

Eric is an executive search operations veteran with extensive expertise in the fast-paced, demanding private equity world. Over his 20 years in the industry, he’s also facilitated C-level placements across industries spanning business services, consumer, industrial, healthcare, and technology.

Most recently, Eric served as engagement manager for Renovata & Company, where he built executive leadership teams for public and private equity clients. He also played a critical role in launching and driving commercial growth for the firm’s pre-deal advisory business as vice president, research, and service delivery.

Prior, Eric was head of research with a boutique firm focused on private equity, where he established an industry-leading research team. He earned a bachelor’s degree in management science with an emphasis in applied economics and operations research from the University of California, San Diego.

Eric lives in Los Angeles with his wife and rising cat influencers, Dottee, and Millee. Together they revel in embracing new experiences both locally and exploring well beyond – to the likes of the Greek islands, Italian coast, and the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Naturally, many matters occupy their time: new restaurants, various museums, live comedy shows, concerts, and sports events. Eric also likes nothing more than getting through a good read – mostly non-fiction, biographies, business leadership, and sports management books.


The University California, San Diego, B.S., Management Science