Finty Hunter


Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.

— Ernest Shackleton

The Poetic Analyst

A writer at heart, Finty constantly studies the world around her — soaking up new opportunities to learn something new. She loves translating her observations into words for other people to learn from and be inspired by. Finty – a published writer who once won an international poetry award – also produced an original play called Dead Parents Society, which had a brief run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Once she puts pen to paper, the opportunities are endless.

Finty is an analyst and member of Acertitude's global Business & Professional Services and Private Equity practices. Supporting executive searches across a range of functions, her responsibilities focus on targeted research, from cultivating rich talent pools and target companies to uncovering and developing candidates to producing insightful reports.  

Before joining Acertitude, Finty worked one-on-one with adults with learning disabilities for a local charity. She earned her bachelor's in English Literature from the University of Cambridge. Throughout her academic career, she was a senior editor at a literary magazine, worked numerous fundraising events, co-ran writing workshops, and volunteered at a crisis hotline.

When Finty isn't compiling competitive insights, she thoroughly enjoys the company of her friends and family. Whether trying new restaurants, discovering a Netflix series to binge, or hopping down to the seaside for some fish and chips, Finty is keen on new experiences. She even took a recent voyage to the southernmost continent, where she braved a dip in the freezing waters alongside baby penguins.


Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, B.A., English Literature