Ian Cameron

Director, Executive Assessment & Development

If you limit your choice only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise. The human spirit will not invest itself in a compromise.

— Robert Fritz

The coach

Ian’s 30-year career has been all about coaching – career coaching, sales coaching and executive coaching, all based on objective assessment. He has a fascinating viewpoint that coaching is not about solving existing problems (that you want to go away), but about bringing what you do want into existence! Refreshing take on work, huh? With this thoughtful mindset, he goes about helping our clients and candidates dive into the leadership traits and team dynamics to build something beyond themselves. His pun-filled quips make the experience of working with him a great deal of fun too. 

Ian is an internationally recognized leader in behavioral assessments and talent development. He brings immense value to our clients by interpreting assessments that generate insights for successful selection, onboarding, and alignment. He understands and applies both the human and business sides of leadership to help leaders guide teams toward mutual success.

Prior to joining Acertitude, Ian led The McQuaig Institute, a highly successful international psychometric assessment company, as managing director. Previously, as vice president of training implementations at AchieveGlobal, he helped dozens of executive teams create and roll-out training initiatives to support the strategic priorities of their businesses.

Ian and his wife Kit have three children and live in Ontario, Canada. Outside work, Ian puts an emphasis on the world outside. He loves getting into any adventure that involves a physical challenge and the comradery of friends – skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, running, swimming, kayaking, or golfing. Music and concerts are also on the weekend rotation, especially Bruce Springsteen who he says is “one of my heroes!” 


B.A., Business Administration, Ryerson University