Jonel Schuster

Senior Data Quality Specialist

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

— Omar Khayyam

The Resource

Resource is defined as providing assets necessary for producing a benefit or effective operation. This is a fitting caption for Jonel, who turns our data into insights on the daily. Continually collecting, organizing, and analyzing information comes naturally to her as a lifelong learner. Her very first job was at a bookstore and it’s safe to say the love of literature never left her. She is still an avid reader and applies her knowledge and time to supporting her community. 

As senior data quality specialist, Jonel builds Acertitude’s proprietary database by keeping data clean, relevant, and up to date. Her work enables powerful analytics and business intelligence. Empowering our project teams to make data-driven decisions is critical to identifying, assessing, and attracting brilliant people at work.

Jonel brings executive search experience and over a decade of sales leadership experience to her role at Acertitude. Most recently, she was a research associate at TEG, an Acertitude company, where she sourced highly qualified candidates. Her previous experience includes working as a top sales and operations executive for two Fortune 500 companies: First American Title and Fidelity National Financial.

Jonel resides in Asheville, N.C., with her husband Don and their pride and joy Sherman, a charismatic English bulldog. Jonel is also the proud mother of her daughter Madeline. On weekends she enjoys exploring Asheville's vibrant art scene, live music, hiking, and local craft breweries.