Suzanne Hebert

VP, Digital Transformation & Process Excellence

None of us is as smart as all of us.

— Ken Blanchard

The Optimizer

Suzanne’s life story is one of bringing out the best in others. She genuinely enjoys helping people and strives to add value in her relationships, personal and professional. With humanity as her compass for digital transformation, Suzanne infuses technology into all areas of the organization. We’d challenge you to find an aspect of our delivery that she hasn’t impacted and made better. Aside from that, she’s pretty much our go-to for every possible tech hack out there. 

As Acertitude’s digital transformation and process leader, Suzanne’s role is to build and maintain a progressive, scalable platform that ensures process excellence across client, candidate, and employee experiences. On any given day, she identifies business needs, assesses emerging solutions in the market, and integrates the right ones into a secure, integrated, and forward-thinking tech stack.

Suzanne previously spent five years as chief of staff and technology on Acertitude’s Consumer and Industrial teams, concurrently leading technology initiatives and optimizing project delivery to grow the practices.

Before joining Acertitude, she focused on implementing software systems, leading change management efforts, and partnering with global, cross-functional teams as a regional director in Korn Ferry’s Leadership and Talent Consulting Group. Her responsibilities included managing the southeast project management team and integrating acquired companies. She also spent time working in China and Singapore to manage teams of functional project managers. Earlier in her career, she held operations roles with PDI Ninth House, before the company was acquired and integrated into Korn Ferry.

After trotting the globe, Suzanne’s role at Acertitude gives her the opportunity to put down roots close to family in Rhode Island. An avid outdoors woman, you will find her seeking out fresh air and sunshine when she’s not a work. She finds this is the best way to boost her energy, enjoying activities ranging from hiking and biking to beaching and boating.


The George Washington University, B.A., Psychology and Communications