A new way of thinking
about executive search

Drawing on our industry experience and analysis, Acertitude offers a reimagined approach to executive search that is valuable, attentive, and driven by results. 

Purpose: unleashing human potential

We are reimagining traditional industry models to place brilliant people at work with greater certitude. We keep our clients at the center of everything we do and continuously implement best practices to create real value for their organizations.

3 signs executive search needs to improve infographic
3 signs executive search needs to improve

An Acertitude study assembles the hard facts about the executive search industry and discloses one startling truth: the traditional industry model is broken.

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3 signs executive search needs to improve infographic
Elevating executive results

Eight critical steps that enable companies and organizations to better find – and retain -- the leadership needed for sustained high performance in today’s demanding business environment.

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The Acertitude way

We’re committed to revitalizing the executive search process and delivering a better experience to clients and candidates alike. Our strategy is rooted in five guiding principles:

Client-first culture

The Acertitude team is seamlessly aligned with our clients’ goals. This applies to the people we hire; the depth of our client partnerships; the shape of our training investments; our client feedback program; and our compensation and performance systems which reward teamwork and tie to client satisfaction.

High-impact hires

Our search practices align to our clients’ business goals and our performance metrics tie to high-quality outcomes. In addition to customary measures, our self-imposed barometer gauges the impact of our work well beyond the initial placement, measuring stick rates, promotion rates, ROI, and other business factors.

Effective delivery

Our delivery model focuses on listening attentively, anticipating needs, and offering truly innovative solutions - throughout every phase of the client partnership. That journey begins with analyzing the client’s unique needs, proactive talent mapping, and original research. We combine a hands-on, personal approach with data-driven tools and assessments to rigorously evaluate each candidate.

Expanded integration

We believe the true measure of a successful search lies in the positive impact that the new executive makes on the client’s organization, rather than simply a placement. We help clients reach and surpass that tipping point – at which candidates deliver substantive value to the enterprise – through quality surveys and ongoing strategic guidance.

Candidate care

Acertitude’s approach is rooted in treating people fairly and honorably. For the candidate, that means making a concerted effort to understand their goals and talents so that we can match their aspirations with the right cultural fit. For our clients, we play close attention to the role we play as employer brand ambassadors to ensure their organizations are top destinations for talent.


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