Elevating Executive Results Elevating Executive Results
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Elevating Executive Results

Elevating executive results



Globalization, digital disruption, changes in workforce demographics, and shifting attitudes toward workplace engagement have created one of the most competitive and dynamic global talent markets in history. “Elevating executive results: The c-suite’s guide to winning the war for talent” identifies eight critical steps that enable companies and organizations to do a better job in finding – and keeping -- the leadership needed for sustained high performance in today’s demanding business environment.

What's Inside: Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction

Despite widespread acknowledgement that talent is key to organizational competitiveness, the process for successfully hiring and retaining top executives continues to elude business leaders.  Ninety-three percent of today’s CEOs say they recognize the need to change their talent strategies. 

Section 2: Accelerate executive performance

Learn eight action steps that are key elements of effective talent management strategy, and implement these practices to transform results and drive competitive advantage.  Our detailed report outlines evolving strategies on topics ranging from globalization, digital transformation and people analytics to talent brand, and aligning talent capability to emerging business needs (to name a few). 

Section 3: Is your talent strategy driving success?

More than ever, organizations need to be forward-thinking in their approach to executive search and engagement.  The war for talent is ongoing and executive mobility is on the rise.  Studies demonstrate significant competitive advantage from effective recruiting, integration, and employee engagement strategies.

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