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Acertitude Study Outlines Critical Steps in Winning Talent War Acertitude Study Outlines Critical Steps in Winning Talent War
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February 23, 2016

Acertitude Study Outlines Critical Steps in Winning Talent War

Analysis identifies eight key elements of effective talent management strategy

New York, NY, February 23, 2016 –  It’s a jungle out there in the business world, and building a high-performing bench of talented leaders is key not just to surviving but also to thriving in it.

Finding the keys to better executive recruitment and employee development is the focus of a thought-provoking analytical study by Acertitude, the top-tier global executive search firm and talent solutions consultancy.

“Elevating executive results: The c-suite’s guide to winning the war for talent” provides insights into eight critical steps that enable companies and organizations to do a better job in finding – and keeping -- the leadership needed for sustained high performance.

“The new digital economy, population shifts and a variety of other factors put us in one of the most dynamic global talent markets in history,” said Kevin O’Neill, founder and managing partner of Acertitude.  “Organizations that have an effective, reasoned approach to identifying top executive talent and building their capabilities and loyalty out-perform those who don’t.  Companies that do a better job of recruiting and retaining employees grow faster and are more profitable.  We focused our attention on finding out how the best of the best do it in today’s demanding business environment.”

O’Neill said the study reflects Acertitude’s distinctive approach to going beyond proficiency in executive search to providing true leadership consultancy, based on creating real and measurable long-term value for its clients.

Acertitude Founder and Managing Partner Rick DeRose added, “Providing real value to our clients involves more than just knowing how to conduct an effective, efficient executive search.  It also means understanding the business issues and mega-trends impacting effective recruitment, development and retention.  This study reflects our commitment to understanding why some leadership strategies work better than others -- the eight factors we believe are essential to effective strategy in today’s war for talent.