LEADERS Magazine interview: reimagining executive search LEADERS Magazine interview: reimagining executive search
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September 20, 2016

LEADERS Magazine interview: reimagining executive search

The best executive search firms focus on the client above all else.

In the 2016 September edition of LEADERS Magazine, our very own Co-Founder and Managing Partner Kevin O’Neill is interviewed by the editors of the magazine in New York. Together they discuss the vision behind the formation of Acertitude and how the firm is addressing the weak points in the executive search industry. 

“For years we heard clients and candidates share negative experiences about working with some larger firms, saying they’re slow, expensive, and don’t produce satisfying results,” says Mr. O’Neill.

“My partner Rick DeRose and I saw a significant market opportunity for a new brand to come in and challenge the status quo. Our aim is to be that challenger brand by focusing on the client above all else.”

Later in the interview, O’Neill shares advice on the keys to a successful search and why culture is a chiefly important element. “Success begins with the up-front time spent with the client,” he says. This helps build a strong client-consultant relationship and align the team around the candidate profile and success criteria. “We deliver the highest quality candidates because we focus on recruiting talent who meet expectations well beyond the initial placement,” he added. “The magic happens when you combine competence and capability with cultural fit.”

The final takeaway is sage advice for any services firm. “Everything we’re doing is getting away from transaction. Our philosophy here is ‘clients for life.’ We are, as a firm, all about how we can be of service."