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Our talent solutions deliver value in critical areas that span the entire enterprise. To achieve success, we focus on understanding your objectives, following a process that satisfies them, and finding candidates who align not only with a highly detailed set of geographic, demographic, and professional criteria, but also with your organization’s unique culture.


Board solutions

We use a combination of proven techniques to ensure that clients gain the optimal mix of experience and expertise from their independent board of directors. We go the extra mile to identify and recruit strategic advisors who are committed to driving our clients’ competitive advantage. Our board solutions include performance reviews, remuneration advisory services, composition audits, corporate governance audits, establishment of advisory boards, director and advisory board searches, chairperson searches, and CEO searches.

More than 50% of companies in the top 10 world economies have been affected by a bad hire

mapping talent to future needs

Talent mapping

In addition to formal executive searches, we keep a finger on the pulse of the industry by mapping prospective talent, helping our clients to better understand whether their needs can be met in the current market. While we do not formally reach out to candidates, our talent mapping services help clients to prepare for a complete search, especially for complex cross-border or highly confidential projects.

Diversity mapping

Clients can access our proprietary knowledge base of market data and mapping techniques to shape highly customized solutions for searches that need to reflect geographic and ethnic diversity criteria. Advancing executive diversity compels innovation and ensures a richness of perspective. Our diversity mapping services help our clients to assemble balanced and inclusive teams which lead to better decision making, higher employee engagement, retention, marketplace success and returns on the bottom line.

Talent monitoring

We apply our market intelligence to ensure that our clients know who the best talent is in their industry. Clients look to us for assistance in addressing both unexpected and planned events by maintaining a roster of high-quality potential external candidates. We conduct interviews and assessments to help clients assess the health of their talent pool over time in relation to outside market dynamics, which enables them to address questions pertaining to succession and proactively leverage talent intelligence to their competitive advantage.

Our talent solutions leverage a network of the world’s most impressive professionals with our unmatched expertise to address our clients’ unique needs.

Human capital solutions

Our human capital services, including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), design and deployment of applicant tracking systems, and behavioral-based interview programs, enhance clients’ internal talent acquisition and human resources functions. Whether you choose one, or a combination of services, they deliver fast, smart, and measurable business results.

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