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Acertitude Launches Flagship Podcast Series: The Brilliant People Podcast Acertitude Launches Flagship Podcast Series: The Brilliant People Podcast
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August 26, 2021

Acertitude Launches Flagship Podcast Series: The Brilliant People Podcast

NEW YORK (August 26, 2021) – Acertitude, a global executive search firm and leadership consultancy committed to unleashing human potential, is pleased to announce the launch of the Brilliant People Podcast, a new business and management podcast for achievers who want to be brilliant at work.  

To empower people to shine, the show features conversations with the world’s best and brightest experts. From influential CEOs, private equity executives, and board directors to pioneering psychologists, economists, and analysts, hear their fascinating stories and insights. And the takeaways needed to realize what you are truly capable of.

Topics are about unleashing brilliance — in ourselves and others. What sets ultra-successful leaders apart. How to achieve mastery in a profession. Building and inspiring extraordinary teams. Personal accounts of what it really takes to reach the top. Persevering – even growing – in the face of adversity. Special insights into disruptive trends and technologies. Perspectives on the real meaning of success. Episodes will also dive into specific industries and roles. 

“At Acertitude, we believe everyone wants to work in an environment where we thrive, and where teams and individuals feel of maximum usefulness to others. We all want to be ‘brilliant people at work.’ Few of us want to be ordinary,” says Kevin O’Neill, co-founder, managing partner, and podcast host, at Acertitude. “So, how do you become the best you can be? Through these candid conversations with trailblazers, that’s exactly what we get into. To build great businesses, inspire others to peak performance, and change the lives of those we lead, it all comes back to harnessing the power of brilliant people at work.” 

New episodes of the Brilliant People Podcast:

  • Dr. Drew: Why Caring Makes for Better Leading and Better Living. Interview with globally recognized media personality, board certified internist, and addiction medicine specialist. 

  • Francesca Gino: Why Defiant Leaders Dominate. Interview with award-winning Harvard Business School professor, leading behavioral scientist, and author of the best-selling book Rebel Talent – explores why the most successful leaders break the rules. 

  • Dr. Rebecca Springer: Middle-Market Dealmaking is Back. Private equity analyst at PitchBook breaks down the future of the U.S. private equity middle market — and the defining forces PE executives and CEOs need to sharpen their competitive edge. 

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