Our purpose

At Acertitude, our purpose is to unleash human potential by discovering, connecting, and empowering brilliant people at work. We deliver better results and a better experience in the search for exceptional leaders.

Meeting of the minds

Acertitude traces its origins to a fortuitous meeting between its co-founders Kevin O’Neill and Rick DeRose. Kevin and Rick believed the industry had lost its way, with larger search firms increasingly inclined to favor the interests of their shareholders over those of their clients. The methods used at many executive search firms, which had not kept pace with increasing hiring risks, were failing to produce lasting results; instead, they were creating widespread dissatisfaction and disillusionment among clients and candidates alike.

Back to basics

Kevin and Rick agreed it was time to get back to basics. They set out to create a new global search firm that would always – and without exception – keep client needs front and center. Focused on personal, substantive, and data-driven search methods, Acertitude represents a new chapter in the evolution – or perhaps the revolution – of executive search. Our model focuses on replacing the traditional “talent pool” with an all-star lineup of highly qualified candidates. We deliver on this approach by investing the up-front time needed to conduct extensive research around the factors driving each hire. We also emphasize exceptional care in every candidate interaction to ensure we match their professional aspirations with the ideal cultural fit.

Driven by success

Our commitment to discovering, attracting, and successfully integrating high-performance executives is unsurpassed. We satisfy this commitment by digging deeply into our clients’ expectations and organizational challenges, studying candidate backgrounds rigorously, maintaining the focus needed to produce a winning choice, and going the extra mile to ensure candidates’ successful integration over the long term. We have confidence that this deep-seeded emphasis on quality, thoroughness, attention to detail, and exceptional client service positions Acertitude – and our clients – to achieve unparalleled success.

Our leaders have over 25 years of working with world-class organizations, both in executive search firms and as industry leaders


What's in a name?

Our company name reflects three key dimensions of our work: 

certitude – bringing greater certainty to hiring decisions

altitude – elevating standards to deliver brilliant people at work

assertive – pushing the boundaries of possibility