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At its core, our business is about people and potential. Successful placements require not only a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals, challenges, needs, and culture, but also an appreciation and respect for candidates’ career aspirations and priorities. With our hands-on, personal approach to candidate care, integration, and the client experience, Acertitude is transforming the executive search industry – one perfect fit at a time.

From the start, we take the time to learn our clients’ stories, and to gain an insider perspective by immersing ourselves in their business and culture. Throughout the search process, our dedicated team works to uphold and elevate the client’s employment brand, and to advance candidates whose qualities align with the client’s unique cultural and organizational profile. At the same time, we develop close relationships with highly qualified candidates, offering the same level of attention and one-on-one care that we extend to organizations looking to make a strategic hire.

Once the hire has been made, we stay involved during the new employee’s onboarding and integration, and continue to measure their performance over an extended period. At Acertitude, executive search isn’t about a transaction – it’s about the long-term, personal relationship we build with talented, ambitious professionals, and with the companies that hire them.

Client experience

After carefully examining the executive search experience from our clients’ perspective, we identified ways to make their journey as seamless as possible. It starts with taking the time to really get to know our clients – and their individual makeup and expectations – so that we can help them achieve their strategic goals. Like our candidates, our clients are talented, successful professionals: the better we know them, the more effectively we can serve them.


Our emphasis on tracking and evaluating our candidates’ business impact continues after the hire. As part of our core service, we offer expanded services to support each new hire’s successful transition – monitoring and assessing their effectiveness to ensure that they are well integrated into the client’s company culture and workflow.

When surveyed, organizations perceive effective onboarding as improving retention rates by as much as 52%

Candidate care

We understand the human dimension of recruiting, which encompasses not only job skills, but also the psychological and temperamental factors that influence a potential candidate’s performance. To that end, we show clients and candidates an exceptional level of care and respect, from their initial contact with us, throughout the recruiting process, to after the hire comes on board. We connect closely with our clients’ cultures, acting as brand ambassadors to ensure that their companies remain attractive destinations for top talent. Not only do we offer every Acertitude client an all-star lineup of highly qualified candidates, we also work with every candidate to understand their career aspirations and identify environments where they will truly thrive.

82% of HR professionals say candidate reactions to the hiring process are important to their recruiting efforts. But only 40% collect data to monitor candidate reactions.

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